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Neck Pain Treatment in Twin Falls, ID

Neck Pain Treatment with Chiropractic Care

Looking for neck pain treatment from a chiropractor Twin Falls, ID, trust with their health and wellness? Then why not visit Eastland Chiropractic? Neck pain can be a sign of a minor muscle strain or something more serious such as whiplash or misalignment. Whatever the cause, it hurts and you want sustainable relief now. Our business is to treat the root source of your pain and restore function with the help of chiropractic adjustments and other conservative therapies.


The Cervical Spine and Neck Pain

The cervical spine is a well-engineered and flexible structure located within the neck. It has seven small vertebrae with soft protective discs in between. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments surround the spine and provide additional layers of protection. All these parts work together to support and stabilize the head and allow it to move in almost every direction. But being flexible comes at the cost of neck injury and pain.

Neck Pain Causes

Aging, poor posture, auto, and sports injuries, and herniated discs are among the top causes of pain. For example: 

  • Whiplash injury
  • A blow to the head
  • Muscle tension and emotional stress
  • Muscle strain from repetitive motion
  • Nerve compression from a herniated disc
  • Postural stress, e.g., long hours arching the neck forward or sleeping in a bad position

Common causes related to growing old include osteoarthritis, bone spur, narrowing of the spinal column, and degeneration of the discs, bones, or joints. 

Common Neck Pain Symptoms

A sharp, dull, or disabling pain is common and may spread to the shoulder or arms. You may experience muscle tightness, spasms, headaches, or difficulty moving the neck in a particular direction. A pinched nerve in the neck may cause numbness and tingling.

Neck Pain Treatment from a Chiropractor Twin Falls Residents Choose

Physical, spinal, and neurological exams along with other tests are routinely done to determine the root cause of acute and chronic pain. After going over the results, Dr. Noel Senecal may decide to manipulate the cervical joints back into alignment using an instrument adjusting technique.

This will loosen up the restricted joints, remove the pressure on the disc, and restore range of motion. Cervical spinal manipulation also relieves nerve irritation and interferences that cause pain. Sometimes, we recommend adjustments of the entire length of the spine to improve posture and balance, promote the flow of healing nutrients to the spine, and prevent pain. 

The neck pain treatment program we design for your holistic wellness may also include massage therapy, lifestyle advice, nutritional counseling, rehabilitative exercises, or other non-invasive methods. 

Visit Eastland Chiropractic Today!

You're welcome to visit Eastland Chiropractic if pain medication or other traditional treatments are not working for you. We serve residents living in Twin Falls, ID, and surrounding communities. Call (208) 734-7077 to request an appointment today.


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